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Yousician Info

I’m pretty excited about a new guitar learning tool!

For years I have searched for a good method for teaching guitar. None of the books have satisfied me and I’ve mostly resorted to developing my own materials. I am fairly happy with what I have developed, however, I have found a resource that fills in some gaps..

Yousician is an app that plays the same role as a book, but with some huge additional advantages. You can get this app on iOS (Apple), Android, Windows or Mac. It is free to use for a limited time each day or you can get a monthly or yearly subscription for very reasonable prices.

Like a normal guitar method book, it walks a student through a well thought out curriculum. But it does it with video explanations and then interactive exercises and songs. It ‘hears’ what you play and let’s you know how well you are doing! You can start out practicing at whatever speed is best for you, focus on small sections, and then when you are ready, try to pass the exercise or song. When a student first starts, it tests them to see where they should start out in the program. The student can easily go back to revisit topics and focus on certain aspects that are most interesting to them.

Yousician is made for guitar teachers to use in their lessons. I can assign exercises or songs that I feel a student needs to focus on and when they open their app, my assignments will be there with my explanations.

Benefits of Yousician:

  • Playing with a steady beat at various speeds.
  • Ability to easily focus on a small section of the song or exercise.
  • It helps you to keep your eyes up and not look at your hands all the time.
  • Being able to revisit explanation videos as needed.
  • It’s a really fun way to practice. Other teachers that have used it are finding that their students practice more than they used to.
  • A way for me (Dan) to post my own teaching material in an interactive way.
  • If you are interested in working on a song not already in the Yousician library, I can use my software to upload that song to Yousician for you to practice along with.
  • I can assign appropriate songs and exercises to a student that will appear in their app when they open it. 
  • I can see the progress that students have made from within my own Yousician app.

Why is there still a need for ‘in person’ lessons?

  • Weekly accountability.
  • A person to answer your questions.
  • A person to check your technique and give additional feedback on your playing.
  • Additional strumming patterns, exercises and tricks that can be added to the Yousician exercises and songs.
  • Help with additional songs you are interested in.
  • Getting used to reading ‘normal’ or ‘real world’ chord charts.
  • Additional music theory and expanded explanation of what is going on with the songs.
  • Expanded teaching on reading music and maximizing the benefit of the Yousician songs.
  • Understanding scales and how to apply them to songs (Yousician doesn’t do a great job with this). 

Be sure to watch the 2 videos near the top of this page to help you understand Yousician better. Also, you can read more about Yousician here .

You certainly do not HAVE to use Yousician in your guitar lessons with me. But, I think it's a great tool that works really well for most people. 

As a first step, you could download the app, set up an account, and try it out a bit. It is probably best to just stay with the free basic account as you try it out. The app will offer a free premium trial. But if you do that, you have to set up the 1 year pricing and cancel within a week. If you don’t cancel in time, you are committed to a year of the service. Just hit ‘Later’ when it asks you to do the premium trial.

If you have additional questions, please call or email.

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