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Dan Ryker is a performing musician and a private music instructor.


       Piano, Guitar, Voice
                Song Writing
                        Music Theory

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I teach piano, guitar, and voice to students of all ages. Depending on what a student desires to learn, I focus on traditional note reading (for piano), playing by ear and by chord, music theory, song writing, and  performance techniques. Some students choose to take 'hybrid' lessons where we focus on both voice and an instrument. The lessons are taught in a large, beautiful teaching studio in my home. There is space available for parents or siblings to wait or study in a separate room adjoining the studio.

Each student is given personal consideration to be taught the way they learn the best. I realize that people are different, and therefore, my teaching changes to suit their needs. I encourage input from parents and students to help me with this goal.      

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Traditional Piano

I have years of experience laying a solid foundation for beginning pianists which will allow them to flourish musically for their whole life.

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Traditional Piano Lessons

Modern Piano Lessons


My modern approach to piano lessons is often appropriate for people that have already received, or are currently taking traditional piano lessons, and now want to learn how to apply piano in a modern music setting.

Modern Guitar


My approach to teaching guitar focuses on the skills needed for most modern styles of music. I focus on chords, scales, and developing the student's 'ear' and ability to improvise rather than on traditional note reading. Everything taught is applicable to both acoustic and electric guitar. I also integrate a wonderful app called Yousician. Please visit this page where I explain it more

Voice Lessons


My approach to voice is applicable to all styles of music. I focus on helping the singer create a free and unrestrained tone, and I am skilled in coaching the stylistic nuances for many different genres.


It's really not that scary; I keep them fun and light-hearted. Recitals are a great chance to share what you've been learning, to inspire other students with your music, and to be inspired by the music you hear others play. While recitals are optional, I really encourage students to participate. The more you do it, the more comfortable you become. For many people the idea of a recital can be anything from drudgery to nightmare material, but I've been told over and over by parents and students that these recitals are really fun. I do one in December and one in June


  • A degree in Music Education from Azusa Pacific University
  • Author of the Worship Music Ministry Training Course
  • Has lead worship or toured for over 22 years
  • Recording artist and song writer
  • Private music instructor for over 20 years

If you would like to hear a sample of what I do personally as a musician, visit the MUSIC page.

I would be really happy to work with you. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions. Better communication leads to better teaching.

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