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Dan Ryker is a performing musician and a private music instructor.



  • Memorial Day: 5/28 (Mon). No Lessons
  • Recital: 6/10 (Sun) 3-5 PM at Life Community Church
    • 4900 NW Highway 99
      Corvallis OR 97330
  • Labor Day: 9/3 (Mon). No Lessons.

Tuition / Payment

  • Tuition is $100 per month, which gives a weekly 30 minute lesson slot.
  • July and August are billed at $25 per lesson (instead of the normal $100 tuition).
  • If you let me know ahead of time when unable to attend a lesson, I will reschedule within a 1 week time frame depending upon available teaching slots. I appreciate it when you are able to give me advance notice and it helps other students who might be seeking a make-up lesson..
  • If I have to cancel a lesson for some reason, I will reduce tuition for that month by $25 for each lesson canceled.
  • There are some holidays when there are no lessons, yet tuition remains the same. These days are:
    • Memorial Day
    • Labor Day
    • Spring Break (1 week, TBA)
    • Thanksgiving (Wed., Thur., Fri.)
    • Christmas (1 week surrounding, TBA)
    • New Year’s (1 week surrounding, TBA)
  • I DO teach on school inservice days, Halloween, Veterans Day, MLK day, Presidents Day, Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, etc.
  • Students are responsible to pay for their own music.
  • I will send monthly invoices via email at the start of each month for the previous month's lessons. You can:
    • Pay on-line with a credit card or PayPal using the link in the email.
    • Pay with a check or cash at the lesson..
    • Send a Square Cash or Venmo payment to dan@danryker.com


  • Why do I have to pay if I’m sick or out of town?
    • You should think of your tuition as securing you a weekly time slot for music lessons. Also, as a business person, I need to have the stability of a tuition based approach to have my finances make sense.
  • Do I need to pay full monthly tuition if you (Dan) are out of town or sick?
    • No. I rarely have to cancel lessons, but if I do, I will reduce your tuition for that month by $25 for each lesson canceled.
  • Why isn’t tuition less when there is no lesson during those major holidays?
    • As a self-employed person, these are the only times I am able to have time off without losing income. This is basically my vacation time work benefit, but I’m choosing to place it where students don’t usually want to have lessons anyway. If I ever miss lessons at other times, I don’t charge for them.
  • If you have other questions, please let me know.


  • Students and parents must be committed to practicing in order to make good progress and to enjoy lessons. 
  • Parents are welcome at any time to observe the lessons. 
  • Please wash your hands in the hallway bathroom, and if your shoes are dirty please take them off just inside the door. 
  • Be sure to bring your assignment and all current music to lessons.


  • Parent involvement is crucial to the success of a child flourishing in their musical development.
  • Students who receive diligent encouragement during the week from parents will generally advance much quicker and derive greater pleasure from music than those who are left on their own. 
  • Even parents with no musical background can provide the structure that children need to focus, persevere and have fun with music.
  • Be Interested in what your child is doing. Even if you don't understand it all, pay attention to what is being learned that week. It helps a student to answer questions from you about what they are doing.
  • Encourage your student in what they are doing. When they are sounding good, then tell them so. If they are getting frustrated or are having trouble being devoted to practice, then encourage them that it is worth the work to keep going. 
  • Review the goals for that week with your student. Do this soon after their lesson, but also periodically during the week. This will help them keep it clear in their mind what they are trying to accomplish.
  • Help to schedule your student's practice time throughout the week. Will they practice all at one time each day or a couple of short times each day? At what time of day will it occur? Etc.
  • Check in on their progress during the week. Even if you don't know the songs or understand music, you can tell if they are progressing. Ask the student to play their assignment songs for you as a little mini recital.
  • Know when not to help. Sometimes it is better to back off and let them go on their own. As the parent, you can judge if it is helping or hindering for you to be more or less involved during the week.
  • Be excited about your child's progress.

** If you choose to receive music lessons from Dan Ryker, then you are agreeing to the terms of this "Teaching Policy Agreement".

Thank you,

Dan Ryker
(541) 231-0897

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