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Dan Ryker is a performing musician and a private music instructor.

The Talent Code

Since I finished this book last week, I’ve been telling everyone about it, and applying it to everything. It’s called “The Talent Code: Unlocking the Secret of Skill In Sports, Art, Music, Math, and Just About Anything” by Daniel Coyle. It basically looks at really talented people from all different segments of society and asks why they are awesome. It can’t be just because they are naturally gifted, because you find ‘talent hotbeds’ where an inordinate number of highly talented people emerge. So it digs deeper and studies the common factors among all these ‘talent hotbeds’ and lays these discoveries out it in revelatory fashion. As a musician, who wishes he could be a lot better, this book is inspiring and enlightening. As a music educator, it is full of golden nuggets and perspective. As a parent, desiring to help my kids become awesome at whatever they set their minds to, it’s hugely valuable. And I even got some fantastic revelation about God from it today as I was praying with a friend.

I highly recommend this book to pretty much anyone. But especially if you are a musician, athlete, or parent. … or if you want to become ‘highly talented’ in some way.

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