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Dan Ryker is a performing musician and a private music instructor.

You Deserve Praise – new song

I had written this song a while back and it had this upbeat/victory feel to it. And then I had a family member enter into a pretty tough season. I was praying for her one day and God brought this song back to my mind. As I went into the studio to start worshiping with this song, it had a totally different vibe. It’s like I was able to approach the song on a more ‘real’ level. We can rise above just wallowing in pain, and choose to worship Jesus, but I feel like we need to be honest about the pain we are feeling. We don’t just flip a switch on our emotions and ‘get happy’. Sincere worship can happen while we are still feeling pain. I think the feeling that’s behind the song is a better backdrop for us to offer worship to God even in a painful season. At least it feels more ‘real’ to me. Praise God, that He can also just light us up with exuberant praise even in a tough season. But this song is worship, with a slightly more somber approach.

I hope you like it.

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